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Home and Community Based Waiver Programs


    Waiver programs offer a choice between home and community-based services and institutional care for people who meet a nursing facility level of care (NFLOC). In order to access programs, a person must be eligible for Medicaid. This involves meeting financial and resource limits, as found through an interview and application process with the Division of Public Assistance (DPA). Once eligible for waiver, examples of possible services include respite care, chore, residential living, care coordination, environmental modifications and various other services.


    The purpose of the waiver is to offer a choice between home and community-based services and institutional care for people who meet waiver service criteria.

    The Alaskans Living Independently (ALI) Waiver is available to adults age 21 and over.

    The Adults with Physical and Developmental Disability (APDD) waiver is available to persons age 21 and over who have been determined to be developmentally and physically Disabled.

    The Children with Complex Medical Conditions (CCMC) waiver serves children and young adults under the age of 22 years. Children who receive services from this waiver experience medical fragility and are often dependent on frequent lifesaving treatments or interventions and/ or are dependent on medical technology. A registered nurse employed by an SDS grantee agency completes a screening process for the child and submits it to Senior and Disabilities Services.


Personal Care Assistance (PCA) services provide support related to an individual’s activities of daily living (i.e. bathing, dressing, eating) as well as instrumental activities of daily living (i.e. shopping, laundry, light housework). PCA is provided statewide in Alaska through private agencies.

Grants Services – This service assists families and individuals experiencing Intellectual and developmental disabilities, dementia and related disorders, family caregivers of seniors aged 60 and over, grandparents raising grandchildren aged 55 or over, seniors aged 60 and over or frail/disabled seniors in need of assistance in the home.

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CCMC or APD waiver recipient with Developmental Disabilities

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