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Home and Community Based Waiver and Personal Care Services Payment Rates and Cost Survey Information

The page contains information of interest for providers of Home and Community Based Waiver and Personal Care services. Regulations found at 7 AAC 145.520 through 7 AAC 145.537 provide specific requirements for the determination of payment rates and provider responsibilities for accounting and cost reporting. It is essential that provide​rs become familiar with these regulations in order to understand what payment rates apply to the individual provider as well as their reporting requirements.

If providers have specific questions regarding payment rates or annual reporting requirements they may contact:

Primary - Kathy Parker at (907) 269-3007 or

If providers have specific questions related to provider certification, they may contact: or visit the website at:

If providers have questions for conduent related to waiver provider services, they may contact:
Tara Fowler at (907) 644-6871 or by email:

Annual Reports

The Department will publish the annual list of target providers on August 1st of each year on this website and through the SDS E-Alert System. Only the target providers will be required to submit the annual reports specified in 7 AAC 145.531 and will be required to submit the information 8 months after their fiscal year end. A frequently asked questions (FAQ) document regarding the target provider list and annual reporting requirements can be found HERE and the Personal Care Services and Waiver Rate-Setting Methodology can be found HERE​.

List of Target Providers

On August 1 of each year, the target provider list and the documentation that will be required to be submitted will be published.

Documents needed to complete the Annual Report

  • Updated Cost Survey Instructions (pdf)
  • Updated Cost Survey (excel version)
  • The attached Excel version of the Cost Survey must be used for reporting. Data entry areas are shaded in green and are open for reporting. The excel file is a smart tool, meaning that green cells will highlight red if the user has input a value that that will not work for the cost report. Examples of common errors made that would result in a red highlighted cell are listed in the training file below.

Providers may submit the Cost Report, including Cost Survey, electronically by scanning them and emailing them to or to Kathy Parker at While providers may submit PDF or Excel versions of the cost survey, the Department requests excel versions be submitted. Certifying signatures of the Chief Executive Officer must be sent by PDF.

Providers choosing to mail the Cost Report may send it to:
Office of Rate Review
3601 C Street, Suite 978
Anchorage, AK 99503-5936

Cost of Care Information for Assisted Living Homes
and Providers of Other Waiver Services

Rate Information for Dates of Service (DOS)