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Mushing for Medicare

Dean Osmar, veteran Iditarod musher, was gracious enough to put coats promoting the Medicare Information Office on a couple of his dogs at the 2012 Iditarod ceremonial start, in his team being raced by rookie Anna Berington.

The Medicare message was worn proudly by the fine team of racing huskies!

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Mushing for Medicare

Right, Jeanne Larson showing Tim Osmar, son of Dean and also a veteran Iditarod musher, her mushing technique. Dressed for the office, mushing in style, Jeanne reports it's just all in a days work with
Alaska's Medicare Information Office.

Left, Judith Bendersky and Iditarod musher Dean Osmar, who Judith helped prep for turning 65 and enrolling for Medicare. Judith is the Medicare Information Office manager.

Jeanne Larson mushing with Tim Osmar. Judith Bendersky and Dean Osmar mushing for Medicare.