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Operations and Training Unit

SDS Training has grown immensely over the last few years to its current status as a model program meeting the training needs of over 1,000 service providers as well as conducting internal division training for a staff membership of about 150. Our training menu includes recurring course curriculums that keenly exploit all methods of training course delivery including webinar, self-paced study, asynchronous online learning, and the traditional classroom. Regular info-sharing seminars are also routinely offered to keep service providers, participants and their families up to date with program changes and new developments.

For more information regarding the types of training available and registration, visit our web page:

SDS Training Unit Contacts

Kara Thrasher-Livingston – Training Specialist III, SDS Training Unit Supervisor, 269-3685

Cina Fisher – Training Specialist II, 269-3734

Cassandra Lynch – Health Program Associate, Training, 276-3414

Delight Mells - Training Specialist I, 269-3672

SDS Training Unit Contacts