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Welcome to our SDS Staff Spotlight page. With much appreciation, this page is a testament to our employees who have dedicated their efforts and time for our clients each and every day.
Thank you for your service.

Ernie Shipman: 15 years of service with integrity, dignity & respect

Amy Pheley

Ernie Shipman has been with SDS for over a year as an assessor, but has been employed with the state of Alaska for the past fifteen years. Originally from Baltimore Maryland (GO Ravens & Orioles!), Ernest (Ernie) Shipman joined the U.S. Army as a Combat Medic just out of high school, driving an ambulance and working in a clinical setting. The Army gave him the opportunity to reside in Germany and Colorado before reenlisting in Alaska where he met and married his wife of 26 years.

While working in the behavioral health field of Alaska, he earned his AAS degree in Human Services. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Alaska Fairbanks while working for the State of Alaska Dept. of Labor for thirteen years as a Community Development Specialist II (CDSII), later earning a Master’s Degree in HealthCare Administration. In his free time, Ernie enjoys spending time with his college bound daughter, his nephew, and being active with church activities that include serving the hungry. Continuing to grow with SDS, Ernie serves the citizens of Alaska with integrity, dignity and respect. Please help us congratulate Ernie Shipman on 15 years of State service!

Amy Pheley: Five years of state employment

Amy Pheley

Amy is an ICAP Assessor and has been with the IDD Unit for 5 years. She enjoys the positive connections she makes with families and providers, and her cheerful disposition and friendly smile helps them feel more comfortable. She also relishes the adventure of traveling to remote villages around Alaska, where she finds the different perspectives on life intriguing.

Amy says she found her life calling during her sophomore year in college, when she had the opportunity to volunteer with Special Olympics. The experience had such a profound impact on her that she changed her major to Vocational Rehabilitation with a minor in Special Education. Once she graduated from University of Wisconsin-Stout, she taught in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul for a year before moving to Alaska — a dream come true.

She, her husband, two boys ages 7 and 10, and their dog Jake have fun being outside, hiking, biking, camping, skiing and just being together.

Her respect for the outdoors keeps her grounded and she has learned over time to “stop and smell the flowers”. She loves being a mom, and exposing her boys to different sports and the arts. Her perfect fall Sunday is cuddling with her boys while watching the Green Bay Packers win and then losing herself in a good book.

Mason Campbell: Thanks for 10 years of dedicated state service

Mason Campbell

Mason has been with Adult Protective Services for ten years and a supervisor for eight. He came to us from Child Protective Services in California. He has a social work degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and a wide variety of job experience including Hospice and working with severely emotionally disturbed teens.

Alaska was quite an adjustment for Mason who was from California. Experiencing his first Fairbanks winter, he often thought the frozen subarctic was not for him. The place worked its magic, though, as it does, and he now happily calls Alaska home and plays outdoors as much as possible, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, and snow machining.

With three amazing children that he loves dearly and a very special someone in his life, Mason couldn't be happier. He feels truly blessed to be part of the amazing APS staff and SDS group and sends a special thanks to Maureen (pictured with Mason), Susie, Corina, Nora, Margarete, Monika and Glenda for “putting up with me for ten years.”

Jerod Perron: 11 years of state service with a cheerful attitude

Jerod Perron

Jerod Perron has been with the State of Alaska since 2005 after graduating from the University of Alaska Anchorage. He worked with the Office of Children’s Services and McLaughlin Youth Center before joining Adult Protective Services in 2014. His positive outlook consistently brightens the day of people around him. His love of the outdoors is overshadowed only by his love for his wife and two sons. If Jerod starred in an Alaska reality show, you would see him hiking, biking, running another marathon or spending time with his family — always smiling from ear-to-ear. Jerod is doing a fantastic job helping secure the safety and well-being of vulnerable adults. We appreciate his hard work and look forward to many more years of dedicated state employment.

Daniel Schramm: Five years state service, plus service to his country

Daniel Schramm

Daniel is currently a Protective Services Specialist III with Adult Protective Services. He enjoys working in the Valley, and feels a great sense of pride in helping vulnerable adults. He previously worked with Residential Licensing and the Office of Children’s Services. Outside of State employment, he is an aircraft electrician in the Air National Guard. He is very proud to have served overseas on two rescue deployments in Afghanistan and Africa. He has a bachelor’s in human services from UAA and is working on a Master’s Degree in Public Health.

Outside of work, Daniel is married to the love of his life and they have two adorable young boys. He enjoys fishing, staying active and ballroom dancing. He also enjoys carpentry and recently built a dance studio at his home. His future goals include teaching ballroom dance. Thank you for your service!

Marianne Sullivan: Five years state service on top of 40 years nursing experience

Marianne Sullivan

Marianne Sullivan, currently an RN III Supervisor, has been with SDS since 2010. She arrived with 40 years of nursing experience. She did everything from assist with open heart surgery to work in the emergency room and ICU; she provided home health care, long term care and hospice care. Marianne is a committed supervisor and we are grateful to have her on our team.

Her proud accomplishments in life include being married to the same man for more than 30 years. According to Marianne, this is probably due the fact that he is a saint! They have four children (the youngest is soon to leave the nest!), three perfect grandchildren, a foul-mouthed parrot and two English Mastiffs.

Please join us in congratulating Marianne on her five years of service with the State!

Clarke Brown: Thank you for 15 years of state service, and for being a volunteer extraordinaire.

Clarke Brown

Clarke Brown is a Senior Services Technician who has been with the state for over 15 years and with SDS for nearly 10.

Prior to joining the state, Clarke served in the Air Force for more than 12 years, was a manager at several fast food restaurants and a home delivery manager at the Anchorage Daily News. Since he was used to getting up early, he supplemented his state income by delivering newspapers, getting up at 2:15 every morning for 12 years.

Clarke is the proud father of five kids and grandfather of nine, soon to be 10. He views his family as his greatest accomplishment. A lifelong baseball fan (especially of the Boston Red Sox), he played in leagues through high school and then coached youth off and on for many years. Clarke also loves to write and take pictures. He has been published worldwide as a journalist and photographer for the military and won numerous awards along the way, including Air Force ‘Sportswriter of the Year’.

Clarke volunteers with the Alaska Food Bank and Bean’s Café (especially ‘The Children’s Lunchbox’), and was recognized by Alaska’s First Lady for his efforts. The Canned Food Drive he started two years ago set an Alaska record for most food donated in a day, collecting over 15 tons. He also helps run a website that connects volunteers with organizations.

SDS appreciates Clarke’s commitment to serving the people of Alaska in his multiple capacities. Please join us in congratulating Clarke on his 15 years with the State!

Judy Peacock: Bringing a spirit of adventure to state service for 11 years!

Judy Peacock

Judy Peacock drove to Alaska in 1970 in her 1967 convertible Camaro, hot pants and blonde wig. Her life of adventure continued as she worked on the pipeline, as a truck driver and bartender, owned a construction company and a pawn shop, and went back to school for a social work degree from UAA.

She loved her internship with Adult Protective Services so much she started with SDS in 2005 as the unit’s first intake worker. Many community partners still ask for her by name.

Judy, A.K.A. the office’s “Plant Whisperer”, enjoys stained glass, crocheting, sewing, crafting in general, reading, and spending three weeks a year with her spry 90-year-old mother.

Judy is a vital member of the Central Intake team and other team members look to her for guidance and knowledge. Thank you, Judy, for your 11 years of service and we look forward to many more!

Cina Fisher: Five years’ service with SDS.

Cina Fisher

Cina Fisher, Training Specialist I, is half of our SDS training team. In five years, our provider community and staff have come to rely on her expertise with our complex “corner” of the Medicaid world. A true adult educator, Cina not only helps people find practical answers but she helps them become equipped to ask the right questions so they can be more independent in their future inquiries.

Raised in North Pole and the Placer Gold Mines of Interior Alaska, she’s traveled to almost every community in Alaska working for the US Census Bureau Remote division. Cina brings the concerns of elders, and respect for learning styles of people in our rural communities, to her work.

Cina has three children and two grandsons, and is very happy to have them living close by. Her husband still works for the Army on JBER after retiring with 23 years of active service. They both love Alaska — hunting and berry picking in the quiet of the woods, and dipping for salmon in July (smoked fish is the best!),— so they will never leave (for long). Her secret for enduring long dark winters is leaving for time on a sunny beach, so someday she hopes to have a home in Maui & Alaska.

Rozanne Misa: Congratulations on 11 years state service!

Rozanne Misa

Rozanne Misa has worked with the State of Alaska for 11 years. She enjoys serving Alaska’s vulnerable population and making a positive impact in her community. Rozanne started her career with the Office of Children Services in 2005, working her way up to investigator. She joined SDS in 2016 as an Intake Worker for Central Intake and is looking forward to expanding her knowledge and skills through SDS.

Rozanne is from a home of 13 children, where her passion for working with families started. She received a degree in Human Services from UAA. An internship with the Pioneer Home and caring for her elderly father sparked her career change from working with children and families to working with seniors.

Outside of work, Rozanne is known as the “sports mommy.” She married her high school sweetheart, and they have five beautiful and smart children. She says her life revolves around her children, their sports and family activities. Rozanne enjoys family trips, camping, fishing and praising the lord as a family.

Moli Atanoa: 10 years of State Service

Moli Atanoa

Please join us in congratulating Moli Atanoa, NFLOC Unit Manager for ten years with the State of Alaska. Moli has worked as a nurse at the Anchorage Pioneer home and Department of Corrections until 2010, when she started with Senior and Disabilities Services. In May 2014 she was promoted to her current position as Nursing Facility Level of Care Unit Manager. When not working, Moli enjoys spending time with her family as she recently became a grandmother, volunteering at church, camping and fishing.

SDS is happy to thank and congratulate Moli on ten years with the State!

Annette Callies: 5 Years of Dedicated Service

Annett CalliesAnnette is a lifelong Alaskan born into a large family right here in Anchorage. She always had wide ranging interests and so she tried a variety of jobs ranging from clothing buyer, fish processing plant worker, dental assistant, to plumbers helper, before staying at home for many years working in the family business and raising her growing family. She attended University of Alaska Anchorage for college while her children went to school. She began working at SDS initially beginning in the IDD unit before moving to her current position in the NFLOC unit in 2010.

Annette reports she is honored to work at SDS, where she enjoys working with great co-workers in a division with a mission she can really support. She enjoys the wide variety of tasks, challenges and quick pace that her work involves. It really makes her day to hear reports from participants and families of how the programs support individuals to stay in their chosen home.

Outside of work, Annette feels she is especially lucky that she gets to live in a multi-generational home where she often gets delicious home cooked food from her daughters and hugs her first grandchild almost every day! She loves photography, jewelry making and, travel, which includes camping, fishing, cruising, or visiting her family who live in wonderful places to visit such as, Lake Tahoe, Kauai, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Reno, Seward and Homer.

Thank you for your dedication Annette!

Sheila Jacobsen: SOA Certificate of Appreciation for Service

Sheila Jacobsen

Sheila currently works at Adult Protective Services as a Rural Investigator covering the Kenai Peninsula, Dillingham and the outlying Villages as well as the Aleutian Chain. Before APS Sheila worked at Assisted Living Licensing from 2009 to 2012 as a Community Care Licensing Specialist I responsible for monitoring, inspecting and investigations of assisted living homes as well as educating Administrators of the homes. Before State service she worked for the Anchorage School District from 2004 to 2009 as the Homebound Services TA.

Sheila is most passionate about her family & friends, especially the two shinning stars of her life Victor and Lydia (her little, big kiddos). Sheila was born and raised in Seattle, and loves all things Seattle….Mariners….Seahawks (just spend an afternoon with Sheila driven from door to door in the Kenai and you will know just how awesome everything Seattle truly is). Sheila cherishes the memories and current moments she spends with her family at their cabin at Seola Beach on the Puget Sound.

Sheila recently traveled to Uganda this past February to represent her Father and check on a hospital he is funding for women and children. Sheila cherished the opportunity to travel on her father’s behalf to christen the new hospital which she described as a monumental and eye opening experience that touched her heart and changed her life forever. She toured multiple schools in need of assistance during the trip including St. Mark’s School for the Deaf (pictured

Taking great pride in exercising and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle, she has entered and successfully completed many triathlons and is always looking for the next adventure. As a matter of fact, if you look out your window you will probably see Sheila biking, running, walking or swimming by. At the end of a long day when all her muscles are sore and barely able to raise a finger, she still finds time for one of her all-time favorite things of course, SPA DAYS and SHOPPING.

Maria Delrosario: Congratulations from the IDD Unit for 5 years of service!

Maria Delrosario

Maria migrated  to Alaska in 2001  with her husband, Joel,  from the Philippines. She started her family here and now has 2 boys (ages 12 and 10) who keep her updated with the pulse of their generation. Maria loves hiking in the summer and travelling out of state in the  winter with her family.  She love cooking, reading, and beading.

Maria is a strong advocate for inclusivity for people with disabilities. She is grateful for the five years she has spent with SDS. She notes, “the depth and uniqueness of every recipient’s  situation I have encountered… has given me an amazing work experience and an enriching life perspective.”

The IDD unit feels very fortunate to have Maria as a member of their team. She brings an amazing sense of dedication to our work and to the individuals we serve.  

Jeremy Meade: Thanks for your hard work!

Jeremy Meade

Jeremy Meade was born and raised in Alaska, growing up in Kodiak, Kotzebue and Anchorage.

He began his State of Alaska career in the Elder Fraud Unit with the Office of Public Advocacy in 2009 before being hired at SDS as an Office Assistant II for the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Unit in 2012.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, hunting, camping, and fishing. Jeremy is a big game hunter, who specializes in bow hunting. When he is not working , spending time with his family, or hunting, he is exploring the great outdoors of Alaska.
Thanks for your dedication and hard work!

Jacquelyn Christensen: Congratulations on 10 years of service with the State of Alaska!

Jacquelyn Christensen

Jackie worked at Disability Determination Services and Assisted Living Licensing before coming to Senior and Disabilities Services in June 2012. She reports that she loves her job and working with care coordinators and her positive demeanor and quick smile in the work place proves this. Her diverse professional background affords her a wealth of knowledge she brings to her position as a reviewer in the NFLOC unit at SDS.

Jackie is originally from Florida and she came to Alaska in 1982 by way of California. She has various interests such as travel, movies, reading, and genealogy. Her interests in antiques led to her collection of 75 vintage cookies jars. She is looking forward to retiring in the mountains of North Georgia, to be closer to family and friends. Congratulations Jacquelyn!

Bonnie Olsen-Lee completes 5 years of service with the State of Alaska

Bonnie Olsen-Lee

Please join us in congratulating Bonnie Olsen-Lee in completing 5 years of service with the State of Alaska. Bonnie is an HPM II with the Nursing Facility Level of Care (NFLOC) unit. She began working for the state in 2009. Prior to working at SDS she worked for the State’s fiscal agent, Xerox, in claims processing and provider outreach as the Waiver Enhanced Provider Specialist. Bonnie’s billing and prior authorization expertise is a great asset for the division as is her calm, “can do” attitude in the workplace.

Bonnie is from Minnesota and that is where she began her love of snow machining. Before settling in Alaska she and her family moved often due to her husband’s military career. They lived and explored Europe and all around the United States. She enjoys spending time with her family. She can often be found in the outdoors, hiking, camping, snow machining, 4-wheeling or walking one of the family dogs.

Anastasiya "Nastya" Podunovich completes 5 years of service with the State of Alaska

Anastasiya Podunovich

Nastya started working for the State in the summer of 2007 as a long term non perm Research Analyst with the Quality Assurance Unit here at SDS. She is currently the manager of the Research and Analysis Unit and has worked diligently to build a team of highly skilled analysts that assist Senior and Disabilities with all of their reporting needs. Nastya is active on many committees and projects within SDS and is vital to each of these endeavors.

Nastya and her family immigrated to the United States from Belarus in 1994 when she was 14 years old. She lives next door to her parents in Wasilla. She asked her husband David to their high school prom and they have been together ever since. Nastya and David are now the proud parents of Mariya “Masha”, a researcher in training.

Nastya enjoys jogging, fishing, dogs and horses, weekends in Girdwood and Homer, and spending time with family. SDS is lucky to have such an intelligent, dedicated, and detailed woman at the helm of Research and Analysis.

Congratulations, Patrick Walker!

Patrick Walker

On May 1, Pat Walker will step into the position of Quality Assurance Unit manager that Lynne Keilman-Cruz vacated to take on a broader quality oversight role for SDS.

“I enjoy the job, getting out and speaking to the providers and clients,” Pat said.

As manager, his focus will shift more to investigations, something the unit has increased in recent years.

“We’re taking a more assertive stance on ensuring our clients get the best services” that providers can offer, Pat said.

He’ll also oversee unit staff as they conduct case record reviews, oversee critical incident reporting, review mortalities, conduct complaint investigations and monitor and report on data.

And, of course, he’ll maintain the strong investigatory partnerships SDS has with the DHSS Medicaid Program Integrity Unit and the Department of Law Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

Along with his years of experience, Mr. Walker brings with him initiative, excellent customer service skills and a dedication to recipients, their families and providers.

Congratulations, Pat! Thanks for stepping up to help us take SDS operations and client safety and satisfaction to the next level.

Sue Darby: 5 successful years of state service!

Sue Darby

Please join us in celebrating Sue Darby’s completion of more than 5 years of service to the State of Alaska. Sue is currently an OAII with the Provider Certification & Compliance unit. She continues to enjoy working with providers, helping them and SDS find solutions to existing challenges in order to improve services to recipients. Sue has been a vital part of the Provider Certification & Compliance team since 2008, handling regulation, staff and process changes with grace and flexibility while keeping the workflow moving and documents in order. She is a skilled lead clerical person to the many DVR and MAAST participants the unit has had and also serves as our “go to” person when computers or copiers fail us, or (in her words), she is the resident “computer geek”. Prior to SDS, Sue worked at Nine Star Education & Employment as a computer instructor and career Development mentor.

Sue has been the owner of Sue’s Tiny Costumes since 1996, which showcases her unique talents as a doll costume designer and takes up some of her free time. She is also the mother of two and enjoys taking computer classes for continued learning and growth. Sue’s strong work ethic and good humor is appreciated by her coworkers and we congratulate her on 5 successful years with the State of Alaska!

Julie Albert: 5 years of dedicated service

Julie Albert

Congratulations to Julie Albert on 5 years of employment with Senior and Disabilities Services. Julie is an ICAP assessor in the IDD waiver unit and is a wonderful representative of SDS. She is positive, hard-working and detail oriented. She has experience in processing waivers, DD eligibilities and in completing ICAP assessments. Julie is much appreciated by all who work with her. Staff really appreciate Julie’s calm demeanor and unique laugh.

Julie came to Alaska from North Dakota. Her Alaskan adventure has included meeting her wonderful husband who is a bush pilot, having her beautiful son, Jack, and growing her own garden of organic fruits and vegetables. Julie loves to travel and spent time in Europe when she was in college. Thanks Julie!

Alison Seymour: 20 plus years of state service!

Alison Seymour

Please join us in congratulating Alison in completing more than 20 years of dedicated service to the State of Alaska. Alison is currently an assessor with the Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) unit. Alison continues to thoroughly enjoy the opportunities she has every day to meet and work with Alaskans who experience disabilities and their families. Her vast knowledge of the Medicaid waiver and grant programs is very valuable to new and current staff. She is an amazingly patient teacher and is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the IDD program as she trains new employees. For the I/DD team, Alison is a wealth of valued and “weathered” knowledge and experience. Her good humor and wonderful demeanor are appreciated by families, staff, and providers statewide.

Alison said she “survived” the raising of two adult sons, who are 20 and 22 years of age. Alison’s interests outside of work are hiking with her wonderful dog, Draco, berry picking, slaying salmon and working in her garden. She is an amazing flower arranger and has dabbled in floral design for weddings. She is much loved by the I/DD team who are lucky to work with her!

Lori Gaetzman: 11 years of dedication to the State of Alaska!

Lori Gaetzman

Lori Gaetzman began working for the State of Alaska over 11 yrs ago. She started with Department of Transportation at the airport, then Child Support Enforcement, finally settling in Senior & Disabilities Services for over 10 yrs. At SDS Lori started as an Administrative Clerk, moved up to a Senior Service Technician and then a Health Program Associate. Her attention to detail is greatly appreciated by the providers that she helps trouble shoot billing issues.

Lori loves the fact that SDS services help’s thousands of individuals in need, live a better quality of life. She will be graduating this fall with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration & Management. When not working or attending school, she likes to quilt, garden and is always working on her house. She raised 2 children and has now started traveling to exotic parts of the world, such as her recent trip to Iceland.

Thank you Lori for your hard work and dedication!

Brenda Martin: Senior Services Technician with the NFLOC unit.

Brenda MartinBrenda has been with the State of Alaska for 6 years. The first 5 years were with PCA as an Office Assistant II. This last year she has worked as a Senior Services Technician with the NFLOC unit. She loves working for Senior and Disabilities Services and seeing great accomplishments happen on a daily basis. She loves the people she works with, which includes the whole division.

Brenda has 5 children, one son and four daughters and has 4 delightful grandchildren. In her off time, she likes to shop for fabric and buttons, read, play the piano and is currently involved with a bunch of cub scouts. It is with great joy that we recognize Brenda for her contributions to SDS! 

Sandra Jenkins: APS "fashionista" with a wicked sense of humor!

Sandra Jenkins
Sandra Jenkins has been with Adult Protective Services since 2009. She was promoted to Intake Supervisor in 2012. She started her state services with the Office of Children’s Services in 2007 and received her Master’s degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma in 2003. Sandra has a passion for working with people and helping others, along with a wicked sense of humor. When she is not spending time with her precious grandchildren, she can be seen dancing away her stress, singing her songs from her awesome Smartphone, or plotting revenge on an unsuspecting co-worker who decided to play a trick on her first!!!

Sandra is a huge asset to the APS team as well SDS. She has a knack to making you smile when you need it most. And she is APS’s resident “fashionista”!!

Christina Anaruk: 6 years of state employment!

Christina Anaruk

Christina Anaruk has worked for the State of Alaska since 2006; at the Office of Children Services and Senior and Disabilities Services. In many of her work roles as a Senior Services Technician she supports the Adult Protective Services Unit and is an integral part in maintaining the General Relief Program which provides funding for individuals who require financial assistance for assisted living care, she has demonstrated that she is able to easily adapt new and changing procedures into ongoing systems. She is always willing to help, she never hesitates to volunteer to provide assistance. When she is not caring for those of us at SDS she is the mother of five children, two girls 15 and 13 years old, and three boys, 10, 8, and 5 years old. She enjoys fishing in the summer and taking at least one planned vacation during the winter season with her family. We feel very lucky to have her as part of our team!

Jeanné Larson: She's "a keeper"!

Jeanne Larson

Jeanné Larson started working for the State of Alaska in 2006 with the Medicare Information Office. She spends the majority of her timing on the phone providing one-on-one counseling of individuals who are confused by Medicare! She also enjoys speaking to groups and helping people through the Medicare maze.

Jeanné has worked in the Medicare Information Office for over 7 years and has a wealth of knowledge garnered from her 6 years of health care organizational experience with one of the leading health insurance providers in the Nation prior to joining the State of Alaska.

Jeanné was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska where she fell in love with and married Alaskan hockey legend Dean Larson. Dean and Jeanné have 3 daughters and they all love to camp and fish like true Alaskans. Like the many fish caught by Jeanné, she’s “a keeper”.

Susan Spriggs: 6-plus years of state employment!

Susan Spriggs

Susan Spriggs has worked for the State of Alaska since 2007. Susan has spent her five years of state employment working with vulnerable adults for Adult Protective Services in the Fairbanks office. Prior to accepting employment with the State, Susie resided in Hawaii with her two boys, enjoying the warmth and sunshine. However, Susie felt something missing in her life and came to the realization that there is no substitute for Fairbanks, not even Hawaii, so she came back to Alaska.

Even though her family roots are planted in Fairbanks, Susie has a long professional history steaming back to 1975 when she began working for the pipeline in Fairbanks. She has spent the majority of her professional career as a paralegal but her most rewarding, challenging and happiest years have been with the State of Alaska. Susie has built an impeccable reputation and an unmatched connection with the vulnerable adults of Alaska. All she has to say is “This is Susan Spriggs” and everyone knows who she is. She is funny, smart, makes the workday fun and interesting-never boring.

Susie has 5 children (all boys); 6 grandchildren (all boys), but we know who runs that family. She loves nothing more than having all her family in the same place. Susie is an avid gardener, winning consecutive admiration awards for the prettiest yard in the neighborhood. Cheers to your services, and many more years to come. Congratulations on your 5 years of service Ms. Spriggs, keep up the good work!

Stephanie Welsh: Adult Protective Services lead investigator

Stephanie Welsh

Stephanie Welsh was born and raised in Alaska. She began her career in social services in 1999. Prior to coming to Adult Protective Services in 2007, she had worked as a direct care provider, case manager and care coordinator at several different agencies. Stephanie’s primary role with APS is lead investigator. In 2011, her responsibilities increased when she became the lead on Assisted Living Home investigations.

Stephanie is an avid gun lover and often goes to the firing range to release stress. She enjoys spending time with her husband, two cats and a very active black lab puppy. In the summer, you will often see her out on her four wheeler, tearing up the trails.