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For all those non-profit partners throughout Alaska who support those in need, Thank You


     Working outside the box:

United Way 211 maintains listings of almost all Social Service available in Alaska and is an excellent resource when looking for services.  






Human Services Community Matching Grant Program (HSCMG) & Community Initiative Matching Grant Program (CMIGP)

The Department of Health and Social Services has been funding the Human Services Community Matching Grant (HSCMG) to qualified Municipalities/Boroughs around the state for many years. Eligibility for HSCMG funds requires Municipalities/Boroughs to have a population of 65,000 and offer up a 30% match. HSCMG funds are passed through to Municipalities who then solicit for essential human services / social services and award grants to local non-profit organizations. To date three Municipalities qualify under AS 29.60.600; they are Municipality of Anchorage, Fairbanks North Star Borough, and the Matanuska Susitna Borough.  

The Department of Health and Social Services also funds the Community Initiative Matching Grant Program. (CIMGP) This program provides funding for the same services as the HSCMG although funds are directed toward communities who do not qualify for the HSCMG programs.

With the ongoing economical downturn in the United States, the need to serve Alaska citizen with the very basics essential needs is greater than ever.

The Department of Health and Social Services focused its efforts through the CIMGP on services that directly provide the very basics in essentials human services such as:

  • Food Distribution Centers
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Day Shelter
  • Distribution Centers for essential items (clothes, coats, sleeping bags, etc.)

For questions or additional information regarding the HSCMG or CIMG, please contact Josie Valliant, Program Coordinator, DHSS, at or (907) 465-8216.