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Outside Employment Ethics Disclosure

Dear Health and Social Services Employee:

It’s that time again! If you are compensated for work in addition to your state employment, the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act requires that you report your outside employment by July 1 of each year to me, your designated ethics supervisor.  You should report, for example, a job (or jobs) with another employer, work as an independent contractor, or work for or income from a business you own.  Please also report volunteer services if you receive any form of compensation or reimbursement, such as per diem or travel expenses.

Even if you reported the same work last year, you must submit another annual disclosure.  The law requires a report each year, whether or not a change occurs.  In addition, you must notify me of any change in your outside service or employment activity as it occurs. If you submitted a disclosure after April 1, 2014 and there have been no changes, I will assume that disclosure is current and you do not have to resubmit it.

You must also report any volunteer or non-compensated work or services outside your state employment if there is any possibility that the work might conflict with your official state duties.  In case of doubt, be on the safe side: disclose it.

Reports are made on the Outside Employment or Services Notification form.  It may now be filled out online and then printed for signature. If you prefer to do it all by hand, then you may print it first!  You find the form at

NOTE: The disclosure form requires your work supervisor's signature.  After the form is completed and signed by your supervisor, scan it to  by July 1, 2014.

I will review your disclosure, and return a copy of the approval. This usually takes some time, so please be patient. If I have questions or concerns, I will contact you.

A handout answering “Frequently Asked Questions” about these requirements for your information is available here:

Answers to other frequent questions about what to disclose:

The ownership of income producing property is a financial interest. If you (not your spouse) are directly involved in the management, advertising, rental, maintenance, tenant contacts, etc., then you should submit a disclosure because you are rendering outside services to benefit a financial interest, which is what must be disclosed. If you simply own and get income from the property, but hire someone else to do all those things or a family member does it, then you do not need to submit this disclosure.

Pro Bono work is uncompensated by its nature and only compensated activities must be disclosed, unless you have a concern that the outside activity may be incompatible with your job.  But since pro bono work is approved before it is undertaken and undertaken consistent with departmental policy, it is therefore compatible.  It does not have to be disclosed under the Ethics Act.

If you are not currently working at an outside job or providing other compensated services, you do not need to submit a report.

Shannon Ely
H&SS Designated Ethics Supervisor (DES)