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eGrants Project Vision Statement: For DHSS grant managers and partners who need streamlined grant management.   eGrants is a paperless, online grant tracking system, which provides at a glance status verification, reporting, and performance monitoring, all from a single source.  eGrants lessens administrative burden to enable efficient delivery of services to Alaskans. eGrants is uniquely tailored to fulfill State of Alaska, DHSS grant regulations.

eGrants was developed as part of a department-wide effort to improve the DHSS grant process by decreasing the administrative burden of grantees, increasing grantee satisfaction, and improving communications between the State of Alaska and the service providers in our community.

Beginning in 2004, Darla Madden, Grants and Contracts Chief, and Kim Netling, Analyst/ Programmer, designed and developed the first prototype. In 2005 the initial version was launched into production, and in December of 2006 the pilot program -- a beta release to a limited number of grantees -- began.

The first publicly available eGrants web site went on-line September 6, 2007, allowing grantees to review their grant information as well as submit Cumulative Fiscal Reports, Line Item Budget Revisions, and Grant Amendments online. Starting with FY08, all DHSS grantee agencies began using eGrants. 

Quality improvement is a continuous process with eGrants, and enhanced functionality is planned and implemented on a regular basis. Most recently, the ability to electronically submit grant continuation applications has been added. Narrative report submission, improved amendments processing and the ability to track contracts and capital grants as well as operating grants are potential future eGrants projects. 

eGrants works with the Grantee Partnership Project, toward the common goals of streamlining the grant process and improving accountability for grantees and the State alike.

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Michael Christenson,
Information System Coordinator

Department of Health & Social Services

FMS – Grants & Contracts Support Team
State Office Building, Suite 760


Phone: (907)465-5073