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Autism Workgroup


The Autism Workgroup is an ad hoc of the Governor's Council. The group meets frequently in-person and via teleconference. Members include parents of individuals with disabilities, service providers, self advocates, public community members, and others involved in agencies that provide Autism services to people in Alaska. The Purpose of the workgroup is to develop a shared plan and common set of priorities, foster coordination and communication, and optimize available talent and resources to make positive and lasting improvements tot he Autism continuum of care in Alaska.

What does the Autism Workgroup do?

The workgroup works on priority issues and activities related to improving early screening, diagnosis, and outcomes; increasing access to comprehensive, coordinated care for children and youth with Autism; and addressing the unique issues for adults experiencing Autism. The workgroup members may be involved in conducting:
  • research
  • planning
  • monitoring
  • advocacy

The workgroup strives to support the development of a service delivery system that includes Autism-specific intervention and service delivery to meet the needs of individuals who experience Autism and their families across the lifespan.

Committee Members

Jill Burkert, Chair
Margaret Lanier Kossler, Co-chair
Amanda Lofgren
Amy Sundheim
Anne Paley
Anthony Cravalho
Annette Blanas
Beckee Edge
Carrie Silvers
Cassidy Jones
Chris Saddler
Christy Knight
Deb Etheridge
Gennifer Moreau-Johnson
Jimael Johnson
Joni Stumpe
Kristi Fuller
Mallory Hamilton
Mary Middleton
Dr. Matthew Hirschfeld
Meghan Clark
Maureen Harwood
Patrick Pillai
Randall Burns
Rebekah Morisse
Richard Keifer-O’Donnell
Sandra DeHart-Mayor
Stephanie Wrightsman-Birch
Terese Kashi
Christie Reinhardt, Staff