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Developmental Disabilities (DD) Committee


About Us

The Developmental Disabilities Committee (DD) is a standing committee of the Governor’s Council. The monthly meetings are conducted by teleconference, and the members are individuals with developmental disabilities, parents of children or adults with developmental disabilities, providers, state agency staff, and others who are involved in the systems impacting individuals with developmental disabilities.

What does the DD Committee do?
  • Advise and assist the Council on state-wide issues related to developmental disabilities
  • Assist the Council in achieving the full participation, coordination, and cooperation of all appropriate public agencies related to developmental disabilities in the state
  • Perform other duties in accordance with the orders and resolutions of the Council
  • Establish an annual work plan which identifies priorities and key issues related to developmental disabilities

The following is a list of members on the standing committee of the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education.

Committee Members

Corey Gilmore, Chair
Anna Attla
John Cannon
Anthony Cravalho
Arthur (Art) Delaune
David (Dave) Fleurant
Dean Gates
Jeanne Gerhardt-Cyrus
Mallory Hamilton
Maureen Harwood
Elizabeth Joseph
Maggie Winston
Kristin Vandagriff, Staff