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Little boy in the grassDevelopmental Disabilities (DD) Committee

Developmental Disabilities (DD) Committee

The following is a list of members on the standing committee of the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education. Contact Information

Committee Members

Kathy Fitzgerald, Chair
Ric Nelson, Co-Chair
Kim Champney
Art Delaune
Jeanne Gerhardt-Cyrus
Maureen Harwood
Tara Horton
Susan Kaplan
Kaleene Lamb
Steve Lesko
Sharon Miranda
Sean O'Brien
Lucy Odden
Bob Petersen
Diana Strzok
James Wiedle
Steve Williams

To find out more about Governor appointed positions with GCDSE visit the Boards & Commissions section of the Governor's site. On this site you will find:

Information on current or upcoming vacancies can also be obtained by contacting us directly toll free at: 1 (888) 269-8990 or in Anchorage: 269-8990.