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Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education

Education Committee (EC)

The Education Committee (EC) is a standing committee of the Governor’s Council. The monthly meetings are conducted by teleconference, and many of the members are parents of school-age children with learning and/or developmental disabilities, educators, students, and others who are involved in the systems impacting youth and families as they enter, participate in, and exit the education system.

What's the Relationship Between the Special Education Advisory Panel (SEAP) and the Education Committee?

The Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education IS the SEAP, but since it is not the SEAP only, the Council delegates the day to day business of the SEAP to the Education Committee which is a standing committee.

What does the Education Committee do?

The committee works on priority issues and activities related to the operation of Alaska's statewide Special Education program. Committee members may be involved in workgroups that are conducting:

  • research
  • planning
  • monitoring
  • contributing ideas on web sites
  • providing input on publications
  • advocacy activities

It reviews and comments on proposed regulations issued by the State Board of Education and Early Development especially as the regulations will impact children birth through 22 who experience disabilities.

Can you get involved?

Yes! Call us at 269-8462 or email: