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Education Committee Priorities - 2007-08

GOAL 1: Advising the State in matters pertaining to students with disabilities

  • Participate in work sessions to reach targets set in the SPP that address meeting new indicators required by OSEP
  • Analyze due process hearings/mediations/complaints in order to guide SEA’s emphases on training
  • Receive updates on district monitoring
  • Receive report on impact of the implementation of the HSGQE
  • Transition of children from Part C to Part B special education preschool (619)
  • Comment publicly on all regulations including proposed federal Part C regulations
  • Become more involved in secondary transition with other agencies: public assistance, DVR, social security, micro-enterprise and other employment options
  • Support development of state assessment for modified academic achievement standards (new 2%) regulation)
  • Advocate for school district use of Employability Standards

GOAL 2: Family Education and Staff Development

  • Work with new PTI
  • Continue to Participate on ASSEC Board to guide selection of speakers
  • Participate in BMEEC conference sessions
  • Contribute to training topics for Special Educator Director’s Conference

GOAL 3: Education Funding/Legislation (coordinate with Legislative Committee)

  • Advocate for increased funding for intensive needs services
  • Advocate for an improved way to do child-count
  • Support and advocate for SESA to be funded under foundation formula, sunset for SESA
  • Pursue eliminating HSGQE as requirement for receiving regular diploma – package data to support S.B. 9

GOAL 4: Assessment and Accountability

  • Gain increased understanding of funding for assessment and accountability
  • Look at testing regarding validity of testing students at grade level vs. at their ability level
  • Participate in improvements to the state’s assessment system
  • Analyze consequences of students receiving certificate of attendance versus regular high school diploma

GOAL 5: Tracking Long-Term Issues

  • Bring the Kids Home (IEPs, SEA involved)
  • No Child Left Behind Reauthorization
  • Consequences of certificate of Attendance vs. Regular Diploma
  • School-Based Medicaid
  • Investigate potential for health and PE standards