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Employment & Transportation Ad Hoc Committee





  • Alaska Association for People Supporting EmploymentFirst (APSE) Chapter becomes fully chartered with the National Association of People Supporting EmploymentFirst.

  •   The Business Employment Services Team (BEST) held a collaborative job fair event for employers to increase their hiring of individuals with disabilities and veterans as well as held two trainings in collaboration with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) which were accompanied by state agency networking sessions for employers.

  • Two national presentations were given at the Association for People Supporting EmploymentFirst (APSE) Conference: 1) detailing best practices from the Council’s federal grant, the Alaska Integrated Employment Initiative; 2) detailing Alaska’s Employment First journey.

  • Employment and Transportation Chair, Lucy Odden, received the National APSE Personal Achievement Award; Representative Charisse Millett was recognized as a National Nominee for the APSE Public Policy Award.

  • Disability Law Center of Alaska (DLCA) Barriers to Integrated Employment Report  was completed and disseminated nationally to other Partnerships in Employment states.

  • Two CinemAbility showing events held in collaboration with the Trust and the Alaska APSE Chapter.

  • Successfully advocated for Trust funding for the development of an Alaska Disability Benefits 101 calculator.


  • HB 211, the Employment First Bill, was signed into State of Alaska Law May 29, 2014 making Alaska an Employment First State. This ensures that the first and preferred outcome for publically funded services is integrated employment in the community with competitive wages. GCDSE member, Rep. Millett was the sponsor of this bill and the Employment & Transportation Committee advocated heavily for this bill’s passage.
  • Developed policy for State Provisional Hire program to increase awareness and reduce barriers to the program’s use in state hiring. Completed in 2014.
  • Worked with the Workforce Investment Board and the Employment Security Division to ensure that job centers have designated “Disability Resource Coordinators” with related job duties in their job description. Completed spring 2014.
  • Alaska Association for People Supporting EmploymentFirst (APSE) Chapter was created.
  • Developed the Financial Work Incentive Navigator training in collaboration with the Trust and the Center for Human Development.
  • Parent and Youth Survey Report was completed as part of the Alaska Integrated Employment Initiative in collaboration with the Center for Human Development to better understand the dreams and goals of youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  •  Advocated for the creation of a statewide public transportation board with a seat for a member of the community who is a senior or person with a disability. Completed 2013.
  • Supporting four Project SEARCH sites in Alaska (Anchorage, Fairbanks, Kenai, & Mat-Su) which allow high school seniors with disabilities on site job experience for 9 months with the goal being employment by graduation.
  • Supporting Peer Power Alaska, a statewide self-advocacy organization, in growing its numbers and expanding across the state, assisting other individuals with disabilities in pursuing employment opportunities.
  • Offering Customized Employment and self-employment trainings across the state, and beginning to implement a webinar/video conference system that will reach remote regions of the state.
  • Working with the Division of Senior and Disabilities Services to enhance their data system with respect to employment data components collected.
  • Collaborating with the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority in their new Trust Beneficiary Employment Initiative; assisting in forming a strategic plan for improving employment outcomes for Trust beneficiaries.
  • Successfully advocated for a $25,000 increment for the Trust Microenterprise Program.
  • Successfully advocated for a $100,000 increment for Project SEARCH and started a new Project SEARCH site on the Kenai Peninsula.
  • Job centers start accepting Tickets-to-Work from Social Security beneficiaries on SSI and/or SSDI, thereby increasing employment options for people with disabilities.
  • The Council helped established three Project SEARCH sites to improve employment outcomes for youth with developmental disabilities.
  • Successfully advocated for $1 Million for a statewide coordinated transportation and public transit matching program.