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Employment & Transportation Ad Hoc Committee


The following is a list of members on this ad hoc committee of the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education.

Committee Members:

  • Lucy Odden, Chair
  • Kristin Vandagriff – Staff
  • Rich Sanders – Staff
  • Patrick Reinhart – Staff
  • Sharon Miranda
  • Sean O’Brien
  • Alexis Henning
  • Ric Nelson
  • Dave Fleurant
  • Amy Simpson
  • Jeanne Gerhardt-Cyrus
  • Leah Karmun (Public Member)
  • David Levy (Public Member)
  • Erin Atwood (Public Member)
  • Doug Mills (Public Member)

To find out more about Governor appointed positions with GCDSE visit the Board and Commissions section of the Governor’s site. On this site you will find: