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Legislative Committee


The Legislative Committee (LC) is a standing committee of the Governor’s Council. Members of the Legislative Committee follow the actions of the Legislature, meeting at least once a month through statewide teleconference. The Legislative Committee organizes support or opposition for proposed legislation that may impact lives of families and individuals experiencing developmental disabilities.


2014 Position Statement

The Complex Behavior Collaborative (CBC) provides intensive support and intervention to individuals at risk of being removed from their community and placed in an institution. The CBC provides services to individuals, age six and older, who experience behaviors that present a high risk of danger to themselves and/or others. The Division of Behavioral Health identified experts knowledgeable in behavior intervention for individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health diagnosis, brain injuries, and Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. These experts provide individualized training and consultation to local providers and families, increasing their knowledge of behavior management.

Bills to watch


  • HB 210 — Safe Student Act All schools should be safe for students and school personnel. Restraint and seclusion should only be used as emergency crisis intervention
  • HB 211 — Employment First Bill  The Employment First Bill directs all state agencies to focus on employment in the general workforce as the first and preferred outcome for all working-age Alaskans with disabilities.


Can you get involved ?

Yes! Call us at 269-8554 or email: Patrick Reinhart