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Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee (LC) is a standing committee of the Governor’s Council. Members of the Legislative Committee follow the actions of the Legislature, meeting at least once a month through statewide teleconference. The Legislative Committee organizes support or opposition for proposed legislation that may impact lives of families and individuals experiencing developmental disabilities.

The Alaska Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education (GCDSE) serves as Alaska's Developmental Disabilities Council, a federally required role of the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (DD Act) which includes a unique responsibility to engage in "advocacy, capacity building, and systemic change activities" without interference by the State (42 USC 15024(c)(5)(L).​

2018 Legislative Priorities

  • Supported Decision Making Act
    This bill provides equal access to decision making for adults with disabilities by authorizing written agreements between an adult and supporters which describe a process for making life decisions; including decisions related to a person’s finances, where and with whom the person wants to live, the services, supports, and medical care the person wants to receive, and where the person wants to work. Supported Decision Making Agreements would be a legal alternative to full or partial guardianship. This alternative actively engages people with disabilities in creating the decision-making structures and tools that serve their lives and autonomy. This bill formalizes a support process, describes eligible supporters, creates a blueprint for valid written agreements, and provides safeguards to protect the well-being and independence of adults with disabilities.

  • Developmental Disabilities Shared Vision Bill
    Alaskans share a vision of a flexible system in which each person directs their own supports, based on their strengths and abilities, toward a meaningful life in their home, their job and their community. Our vision includes supported families, professional staff and services available throughout the state now and into the future.

    WHY IS IT NEEDED? Once written into statute, the Shared Vision will provide a solid platform for how services are provided throughout the state. This ensures that individuals with developmental disabilities will receive services that lead to meaningful lives, for current and future generations of Alaskans. It will solidify a spirit of self-determination for individuals with developmental disabilities within the Alaskan service system. The Shared Vision clearly establishes that individuals with disabilities should receive support to lead the way in directing their own lives which is crucial to having fully inclusive communities within Alaska and results in a much richer and more diverse state. Autonomy derived from self-direction enhances quality of life by increasing independence and confidence which can support skills to better protect individuals from abuse.

Can you get involved ?

Yes! Call us at 269-8554 or email: Patrick Reinhart