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2011 Legislative Priorities

Crisis Response 2011

What: In the state of Alaska, there is a lack of funding available to assist those whose behavioral or cognitive state make them a risk to themselves or others in everyday life situations. Oftentimes these individuals are sent to an out-of-state care facility due to a lack of sufficient resources in Alaska.

Why: These funds will be used to change that. They would provide care for individuals needing this kind of treatment and intensive training for families and care-providers in the event that the person could be cared for in their own home. These services would seek to benefit people with developmental disabilities, as well as individuals with Alzheimer’s and related dementia, traumatic brain injuries, and other cognitive disabilities. The second part of these funds would be to go to services for people with developmental disabilities. This way, individuals who feel that their health and safety is compromised would have somewhere to turn to have appropriate care in a timely manner. In addition, the cost of service would lower due to the care being provided earlier rather than later.