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2011 Legislative Priorities

Rural Transition Camps

What: The Rural Transition Camps are a unique opportunity for youth with disabilities in rural areas to receive training as an introduction to a job market that targets the skills that they have developed as members of a rural community. This project seeks to complete two tasks. First, it is aimed to provide funding for these camps in order to bring them closer to communities in need, rather than holding them areas quite reserved from their designated communities. It also examines factors such as employers willing to hire disabled youth, skills in high demand for the job market, and the needs of local residents, going further to understand whether those needs are currently being met and if they can be met by those taking part in the transition camps. Second, it is geared towards giving hands-on introductory training to team members involved in the project in order to give them a wholesome preparation for conducting the camps in the most effective manner.

Why: This project will expand the camps from four to seven communities in order to provide for more people in a greater number of areas. Funding for these camps comes from GF/MH funds in the amount of $50,000, state improvement grant funds and school district fees.