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Lucy's Story

I have learning disabilities and enjoy being engaged in a community life and serve on Boards of non-profit agencies assisting people with disabilities. Thus since 1990, I was on Board of Directors for the ARC of Anchorage that provides disability services from birth throughout life for Alaskans with intellectual and developmental disabilities, behavioral and mental health challenges. Also, I was on the Anchorage Management Team with the Anchorage Municipality, Alaska Special Olympics Board of Directors, and on Board of Directors for one of the leading providers of supported living and employment Assets Inc. Additionally, I was Involved with the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education (GCDSE) Employment Committee, the People First of Anchorage activities, and I was in public information policy making in the State Legislature. Through the GCDSE I participated in the 1998 People First International Conference. Also, I was on the Global Messenger and the Chair for the Public Relations for the 2001 World Special Olympics International Games in Anchorage and was on the Families and Honored Guest and Board of Directors for this organization. Through the Governor’s Council I was also involved with the Legislative Committee, Developmental Disabilities Committee and served as Chair for the Employment and Transportation Committee. Then together with the Miss Amazing Pageant I was working on the Disability Pride Committee in their Media Workgroup. For almost 40 years I have worked full-time with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service as a Warehouse Office Clerk pulling out monthly contracting files. Currently, I serve on the Anchorage Transportation Commission. When I have some spare time I do like to take walks, have breakfast with my boyfriend, and generally to keep myself busy.