InDHSS: Employee Newsletter


August 2010


Alaska Early Childhood Coordinating Council (AECCC)

By Shirley Pittz
ECCS Program Officer

The Alaska Early Childhood Coordinating Council (AECCC), co-chaired by commissioners Mike Hanley from the Department of Education and Early Development and William J. Streur, from the Department of Health and Social Services, was established in the fall of 2010. The purpose of this group is to “promote positive development, improved health outcomes, and school readiness for children prenatal through age 8 by creating a culturally responsive, comprehensive, and accessible service delivery system that links service providers, empowers families, and engages communities.” The goal of the AECCC is to support the creation of a unified, sustainable system of early care, health, education, and family support for young children and their families.

The AECCC is currently focused on developing a Strategic Report due to Governor Parnell by the end of the fiscal year. This report will include recommendations for increasing the overall participation of children in early childhood programs for those seeking access; improving professional development for early childhood professionals; and facilitating the integration and alignment of services, planning efforts resources, policy development and funding among other things. For more information, please contact Shirley Pittz, ECCS Program Officer, DHSS, at 269-8923, or Cynthia Curran, Director of Teaching and Learning Support, DEED at 465-2857,


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