InDHSS: Employee Newsletter


August 2010


Meet the Senior OCS leadership Team!

Christy Lawton

  • Years with OCS: 14
  • Title: Director
  • Work Philosophy: Quality and timely customer service has always been a priority in all my positions within the agency. We serve the citizens of Alaska and must be responsible, respectful, and responsive at all times with a “families first” attitude. I also have always found that communication that is direct and as transparent as possible serves everyone’s best interest, and I strive to hold myself and others to that goal.

Kim Guay

  • Years with OCS: 12
  • Title: Child Welfare Administrator
  • Work Philosophy: Dedication and hard work by using my knowledge and skills to make a positive impact for those I serve.
  • Contact Kim with questions concerning OCS models of practice, training, and with help in understanding how the system operates overall.

Naomi Harris

  • Years with OCS: 5 months
  • Title: Community Relations Manager
  • Work Philosophy: I believe in the work OCS does and try to meet challenges head-on. I work from a foundation of passion for the work we do, belief in teamwork, empathy, self-motivation, and a dash of irreverence to balance it all out.
  • Contact Naomi when needing agency information on data or legislation, or when you would like an OCS representative to attend a community event. She is also a great contact for when you have no idea whom to call or where to find information.

Tim Huffman

  • Years with OCS: 25
  • Title: ORCA Project Manager (ORCA: automated case management system)
  • Work Philosophy: I dropped philosophy in college just before I would have flunked it.
  • Contact Tim with questions or concerns regarding our data management system, ORCA, or with data questions.

Travis Erickson

  • Years with OCS: 13
  • Title: Field Administrator
  • Work Philosophy: It’s a marathon, not a 5K. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually we’ll get there!
  • Contact Travis when you have questions or concerns regarding field office operations. Travis supervises the five Children’s Service Managers and is happy to help when efforts to resolve issues at a local or regional level have been unsuccessful.

Joe Hall

  • Years with OCS: 4 months
  • Title: Administrative Operations Manager II
  • Work Philosophy: Strive to go above and beyond what is expected of me and support my boss.
  • Contact Joe with questions about the OCS budget or related grants.

Natalie Powers

  • Years with OCS: 9
  • Title: Social Services Program Administrator
  • Work Philosophy: When things get tough, work harder
  • Contact Natalie with questions regarding OCS past, current, or evolving policy and procedures. She is also liaison to Federal Region X staff and oversees the CFSR (Alaska’s Child and Family Services Review) and CFSP (Child and Family Services Plan) processes federally required for all states.

Shirley Pittz

  • Years with OCS: 7
  • Title: Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Manager
  • Work Philosophy: If you work in an area that you feel passionate about, everyday will hold meaning for you. It’s important to have a vision, keep your eye on what you are trying to accomplish, enlist the talent and ideas of others, and do "what you can, with what you've got, where you are at.” A positive attitude, more than anything else, can affect a positive outcome.
  • Contact Shirley regarding OCS prevention or early intervention programs serving young children, supporting early care and learning centers, and the Infant Learning Program.

Tracy Spartz Campbell

  • Years with OCS: 18
  • Title: Deputy Director
  • Work Philosophy: Great things happen through the synergy of the team
  • Contact Tracy for information or assistance regarding our Foster Care/Adoption programs, OCS funded external programs/grants, and issues needing state office attention.


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