InDHSS: Employee Newsletter


August 2010


Child Protection Policies available for public comment

By Natalie Powers, OCS Program Administrator

The Office of Children’s Services (OCS) and the Department of Law have been working to revise portions of OCS’ Policies and Procedures manual to reflect changes to the agency’s internal procedures as a result of the Alaska Supreme Court’s decision in State v. Native Village of Tanana. We have now completed our comprehensive review and the associated revisions to the Child Protection Services Policy and Procedure manual. The changes primarily reflect guidance to OCS workers with respect to interactions with tribal personnel when there is a potential or ongoing OCS investigation and when a tribe initiates child protection proceedings in tribal court. OCS is seeking input from the community on the Tanana-related revisions to the OCS manual. To accomplish this, we invite you to review and comment on the revised policy changes which can be found on OCS’ website at this link:

To streamline our review of any comments you may have, please submit written comments in a format showing both suggested changes and the existing text. Please submit any comments to OCS Policy Administrator, Natalie Powers,, by April 8, 2013.


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