InDHSS: Employee Newsletter


August 2010


Meet the South Central Management Team

By Tim Bolles, PSMII
South Central Region

The South Central Management Team consists of Sheridan Desgranges, Linda Clapp-Damerow, Jayna Ahlf and Tim Bolles. We have the distinct privilege of leading the South Central Region of the Office of Children’s Services.

The front-line workers have been able to achieve many goals throughout the past year. The overall number of Case Worker Visits (CWV) has increased a dramatic 16 percent from last year with three of the offices averaging over 80 percent and one averaged 94 percent. The region has reduced its total number of Open Initial Assessments (IAs) by 38 percent in less than a year. Adoptions have been over 100 per year for the past three years to help achieve permanency for children. The accounting clerks process exceedingly high numbers of Requests for Funds (RFFs) from 10 field offices and the travel clerks complete over 2,000 travel requests every year.

We believe in hiring great people to do great work and assure that the right person is in the right job. Our goal for the next year will be to reduce unnecessary delays in a case (case drift) in all cases and assure timely permanency for children. We value all employees in the South Central Region and know that without our licensing units, SSAs and Office Assistants, this region would grind to a halt and the business of protecting children would be impossible. The supervisors are the key to everything and we know their job is critical, but most of all we are grateful for those on the front line everyday who are giving of themselves to protect children and empower families!


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