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August 2010


Left to right: Sara Alden, PSM I; Mary Anderson, AO II; JoAnne Simmerman, PSM I; Coleen Turner, PSM II


Meet the Northern Region staff

The Northern Region Office of Children Services covers approximately 50 percent of the state — about 300,000 square miles. It includes communities in and around Barrow, Nome, Kotzebue, Galena, McGrath, Delta and Interior rural communities connected with the Tanana Chiefs Region, Fairbanks/North Pole and surrounding areas.
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Getting to know OCS’ deputy director

The Office of Children’s Services is a large and diverse agency that has worked through significant changes throughout the years. Director Christy Lawton is a dynamic leader, identifying areas for improvement and growth, and methodically works toward those goals. However, this would not be possible without the backbone and support from Deputy Director Tracy Spartz Campbell. Tracy is the ying to Christy’s yang. The silent partner, if you will. Christy certainly feels Tracy’s historic knowledge and calm demeanor provide the stability for agency change to happen. Click here for full article

Trauma expert presents at Early Childhood Mental Health Institute

OCS sponsored the annual Early Childhood Mental Health Institute in Anchorage April 30 through May 2. A featured expert was Dr. Joy Osofsky, Professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Public Health and head of the Division of Pediatric Mental Health at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.
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Permanency planning for children in custody

Good permanency planning starts at the very first call, as OCS workers are assessing the child’s safety and family resources to support a safe home.
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Children under the age of 5 comprise the largest demographic group of children entering foster care. This is true both nationally and here in Alaska.

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