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Office of Children's Services
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After I report

Office of Children's Services (OCS) is obligated to immediately notify law enforcement in some situations:

Law enforcement investigates potential criminal violations. Some abuse or neglect may involve both OCS through a Child in Need of Aid case, and law enforcement through a criminal investigation for a criminal prosecution.

In the event of an emergency involving an imminent danger or imminent risk of harm, OCS may coordinate a joint response with law enforcement when:

  • The abuse was caused by a person NOT responsible for the child's welfare
  • OCS is unable to determine who harmed the child
  • OCS is unable to determine if the person who harmed the child is responsible for the child's welfare
  • The abuse or neglect results in the need for medical treatment
  • The abuse or neglect was caused by a teacher or other person employed by the school district in which the child is enrolled as a student.
  • The situation involves child sexual abuse or exploitation