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Call: 1-800-478-4444
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Who do I call?

If you suspect a child was abused or neglected, immediately contact the Office of Children’s Services (OCS) hotline. You can call at any time, any day of the week.

Care enough to call: 1-800-478-4444
or Fax: 907-269-3939

If you are unable to reach OCS, you must contact the law enforcement agency responsible for your area. If you live in an urban area with municipal police department, the responsible agency would be the municipal police department. If you live in an area covered only by Alaska State Troopers, they would be the responsible agency. If you live in a village with Village Public Safety Officers (VPSOs) and Village Police Officers (VPOs), you should contact both the local law enforcement (VPSO and VPOs) and the Troopers covering your village.

In an emergency situation where the child is facing an immediate danger, you should call 911, and take whatever actions you can without putting yourself at risk of harm to make the child safe until authorities take over.

In this video a reporter describes a particular incident from the point of time when the child discloses to the time of reporting, and follow-up actions by the reporter, the Alaska State Troopers and the protective family members of the child victim. 

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