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Children's Justice Act: Resources

Responding to Strangulation in Alaska

  1. On the Edge of Homicide- Strangulation as a Prelude- Strack and Gwinn 2011
  2. Top 13 Articles to Read
  3. Volochinsky - Obtaining Justice for Victims of Strangulation in Domestic Violence
  4. The Pandora Effect
  5. Alaska Victim Rights Overview
  6. Working with Interpreters
  7. Strangulation and Lethality Questions for LE
  8. Strangulation Suffocation Card
  9. Strangulation Roll Call Training Card
  10. Recognizing and Investigating Strangulation
  11. Documentation Chart for Strangulation Cases
  12. Why Strangulation Should be a Felony - White Paper
  13. Questions for Strangulation Expert
  14. Glossary
  15. Injuries in Fatal and Non-Fatal Suffocation in Family Violence Cases
  16. Forensic Medical Findings in Fatal and Non-Fatal Intimate Partner Strangulation Assaults - Hawley - 2012
  17. IPV and Strangulation Chart Example
  18. Pediatric Strangulation Assessment Form TEMPLATE
  19. Strangulation Card for Patients
  20. Strangulation Brochure
  21. Traumatic Brain Injury and Domestic Violence

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