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Information for the parents of children who are in the custody of OCS

Where will your child grow up?

Your child needs:

  • to be safe
  • food, clothing, and a home
  • care by a doctor and dentist
  • to spend time with kids their own age, doing things to make them healthy
  • an ongoing, positive relationship with a caring adult
  • parents and family

OCS helps children who are abused or neglected.

  • The law says you must keep your children safe and healthy.
  • If you cannot provide safe care for your children, OCS may become involved. Your child may go to foster care for a while.
  • Your children must not stay in foster care too long. Foster care is temporary.
  • In most cases, OCS will work with you to return your children home.
  • A back-up plan must be developed in case your children cannot return home safely.
  • You can work with OCS on this plan. A judge and Citizen Review Board will review the plan.
  • The law gives you as little as 12 months - sometimes less - to show that you can safely care for your children.
  • The court will review the progress you have made and decide where your children will live. All children need safe, permanent homes.

Kid's Can't Wait. Your Child's Future Depends on You

  • You must act quickly to make positive changes in your life.
  • Your children need regular contact with you. This can include visits, phone calls, cards, and letters.
  • You can find help in many places -- family, church, OCS, community agencies, neighbors.

Please work with OCS to ensure that your child grows up in a safe, caring family.

OCS is required by state law (Title 47) to protect children from abuse or neglect.

If you have a dispute with OCS actions, you can initiate a grievance by contacting the supervisor in charge of the case.

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