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Project HOPE

Project HOPE Narcan kit building event group of volunteers. 
Above: Volunteers help to build Project HOPE kits at a community event.


Project HOPE is working with community organizations to distribute or administer Narcan® in Alaska. Narcan® (naloxone) is a medication that used to respond to opioid overdose. It temporarily blocks or reverses the effects of opioids. In most cases the effect is immediate (within 30 to 40 seconds), blocking the effects of the overdose and allowing the person to breathe again. This gives time to seek emergency medical assistance. Its use is supported by many organizations, including the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the World Health Organization.

Organizations eligible to apply to distribute Narcan® as a partner in Project HOPE may include, but are not limited to: public health centers, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, community and faith-based organizations, social service agencies, substance use treatment programs, shelters and transitional housing agencies.

We encourage community organizations to work together to refer people to existing distribution sites that are active within their community.

Here's a list of current partners who offer Project HOPE kits.


OSMAP’s Project HOPE distributed over 12,000 opioid-reversing naloxone rescue kits and provided training on use to first responders across the state. Project HOPE also trained and approved 29 Opioid Response Programs to help ensure rescue kit training and distribution continues at the local level.

With help from many partner agencies, Project HOPE has distributed over 25,000 drug disposal bags to communities across Alaska. This provided individuals with a means to safely dispose of opioids and other unused prescription medications.

Over 250 lives have been saved through Project HOPE and Alaska’s overdose response programs.

Evaluation and reporting

If you participated in Project HOPE and were asked to submit an evaluation form, visit this page. Your timely response helps us to improve the program.

Contact us

If you have questions about Project HOPE, or would like to learn more about offering kits, email: