Heart Disease and Stroke Treatment
and Secondary Prevention

2009 Workplan

The Heart Disease and Stroke Treatment and Secondary Prevention Committee currently has two working subcommittees, through which the overall committee goals are accomplished.  The following are the workplan for each subcommittee:

Secondary Prevention and Treatment Subcommittee

Note: The Secondary prevention workgroup includes as its target population all cardiovascular disease entities, instead of separate groups for cardiac, stroke, etc. Individual projects done by sub-committees of the group may target secondary prevention relative to a specific disease entity.

  1. Summarize current projects that hospitals are doing to MI 2ndary prevention, measure success.
  2. Tobacco cessation post MI-check to see whether fax referral is going to tobacco hot line (cessation/referral should be in MI discharge order sets).
  3. Focus on CHF standards of care, distributing/informing about secondary prevention guidelines.
  4. Redevelop the Healthy Heart Tracking Cards for other uses.

Stroke Sytems of Care Subcommittee

  • Workplan information coming soon!