Professional Education

Workplan and SMART Objectives

Goal: Increase the number of health care systems that practice evidence based guidelines: (AHRQ 5-A Framework for Behavioral Health Counseling, ATPIII, JNC7)

We are currently planning the next steps with the PEC, which may include:

  • Developing and distributing virtual toolkit for distribution to health systems.
  • Pre- and post-surveys to health care providers (or clinic champions) to evaluate practice guideline use.
  • Using the THA website to post links to current practice guidelines and CME and other training opportunities a round the state
  • Establishing an award to health care systems, "THA Certified Preventive Practice Site"
  • Adding additional guidelines to the PEC effort, such ACC and Chronic Care Model.

SMART Objectives

  • SMART Objectives to be posted in August. Check back soon!