Success Stories

Jerrold Fields

Jerry can testify to a heart attack and was actually a witness in court testifying when he was stricken. He was on the witness stand when he experienced chest and arm pains so went home, took an aspirin and called his wife. The ER sent him on his most expensive flight ever with some very competent nurses who served him a morphine "cocktail". He had been fatigued and with good reason since two arteries were completely blocked and a third 97% blocked. At 47 years of age, Jerry seized the opportunity that his mother never had when she died of a heart attack at age 50 years. Heredity along with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and excess weight was leading him to the self-fulfilling prophecy of a shortened life span. It's been 7 years since the trauma of emergency triple by-pass surgery but Jerry received more than scars...he received a miracle!

Physically and emotionally, Jerry is a changed man and not the one Kathleen married 6 months before the heart attack. He joins her now in being more physically active, eating smarter, and taking medication to control his blood pressure and cholesterol. He also shares his perspective with the youth he counsels who need medications and are struggling with taking them and how they can be a very useful tool in supporting health. He has also chosen to be more mindful in his life and detach from worries that could obsess his thoughts, which may be the biggest challenge remaining, along with the occasional temptation of tobacco in a cigar or pipe!