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AKAIMS Helpdesk

AKAIMS Training Specialist II
Lisa Good
Phone: 907-269-0864

AKAIMS Project Assistant
Sandra Warren
Phone: 907-269-3601

After Hours AKAIMS Support
Health Program Manager II
Patrick Swiger
Phone: 907-269-3608


The Department of Health and Social Service is presently combating a cyberattack and to counter this, some public facing web based portals are offline. This includes AKAIMS. At present time as the extent of the cyberattack is under assessment on both a state level in concert with federal authorities, the date that we can restore access to AKAIMS and other public facing applications is still unknown.

In the interim, please utilize back-up paper documentation. If your organization does not have blank paper documents we have provided some forms on this site for your agency to use. I am certain there are additional questions and as more information become available, we will extend it forward.

If this message is the first time you have been made aware of the cyberattack, here is a link to the initial press release.

We understand this disruption greatly impacts the work that you do and this unprecedented incident is the top priority of the division.

As the needs of agencies vary, if additional forms need to be created, please contact Sandra Warren.