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Alaska DHSS Reorganization information and resources

The mission of the Department of Family and Community Services is "To provide support, safety, and personal well-being for vulnerable Alaskans."

The Department of Family and Community Services (DFCS) will oversee and improve our child welfare system and 24/7 facilities providing direct services to Alaskans. Alaska Psychiatric Institute (API) and the Alaska Pioneer Homes (AKPH) provide care for patients and elders, and when eligible can bill Medicaid for the services provided – in much the same way that hospitals and clinics work. The Division of Juvenile Justice works to rehabilitate youth offenders while holding them accountable.

Department of Family and Community Services  

It’s a difficult prospect to come up with a logo that accurately portrays the critical services performed by DFCS Divisions. The Executive Leadership team researched and looked at other states and found that child welfare and social service agencies don’t usually have an image in their logo, as it’s a difficult subject area to display.

Taking that input the graphics team came up with a strong alternative logo that differentiates itself from other Alaska department logos. Instead of being formatted in a circle, it is a horizontal layout to clearly display the name of the department, but also bold lettering to highlight the letters “DFCS.”

The words are adjacent to an image representing families and communities working hand-in-hand and showing the diversity both in peoples and geography of our great state. For if we are to achieve our mission of providing support, safety, and personal well-being for vulnerable Alaskans, then it will take all groups to work together to make it so.

Stengthening the SystemStrengthening the System: Alaska’s Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program Plan
The 2020-24 plan for achieving the vision of Alaskans receiving comprehensive prevention, treatment and support services at the appropriate level of care across the lifespan, leading to meaningful lives in their home communities.

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