Alaska Pioneer Homes Qualification Requirements

Applicants are eligible for admission to an Alaska Pioneer Home if they meet the following requirements:

  • Alaskan resident under 7AAC 74.035.
  • Resident of the state continuously for a minimum of one year immediately before application to the Alaska Pioneer Home. *Applicants must maintain residency in the state while on the Alaska Pioneer Home waitlist (either active or inactive)*.
  • In need of the aid, benefit, or safety of an Alaska Pioneer Home because of a physical disability or other reason, as defined in AS47.55.900. * This only applies to the active waitlist, those on the inactive waitlist do NOT need to be in need of aid.*
  • 60 years of age or older

Application Information

Applying for the Alaska Pioneer Homes places the applicant on a waitlist of their choice. The waitlist is broken down into two branches:

  • ActiveWaitlist - For those who are ready to enter a Pioneer Home of their choice within 30 days of receiving an admissions offer.
  • Inactive Waitlist - For those applicants who are interested in moving into a Pioneer Home at some point in the future. *Note* There is no penalty to applicants who never end up transferring to the active waitlist!

Placement on the waitlist is chronological and is determined by the date that a completed application is received, with the oldest applications at the top.

Applicants may transfer between the inactive and active waitlists as many times as they choose with no penalty and their original application date is permanently retained to their file (as long as Alaska residency remains unbroken).