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Juneau Pioneer Home

Juneau Pioneer Home Exterior

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The Juneau Pioneer Home was completed in 1988 and is currently home to 49 Alaskan seniors. The home is nestled in the wetlands along Juneau's Egan Drive and has breathtaking views of nearby mountains and the Gastineau Channel. Living in the heart of a true wilderness provides residents the opportunity to view wildlife such as black bears, eagles, ravens, blue herons, kingfishers, porcupines, deer, and squirrels.

The home's four long hallways have been setup in small neighborhoods that act as mini-communities. Each community is supported by a team made up of residents, caregivers, support staff, family members, friends and volunteers. The team members sustain each other and individuals are encouraged to be creative in the development of a caring, loving home. The neighborhood concept is instrumental in building an atmosphere where loved ones who have dementia can feel safe and appreciated.


Inside, the Juneau Pioneer Home teems with activity. A variety of common and elegant birds sit on top of their cages and are taken care of by residents themselves, with occasional assistance from staff. The Great Hall, dining areas, and neighborhood corridors are frequently adorned with fresh flowers, and many household plants create a tropical human habitat. Friendly cats roam freely throughout the neighborhoods providing companionship to whoever will stop long enough for petting, stroking or an occasional ear scratch. Spontaneity is the catchphrase of every day!

The Juneau Pioneer Home is an Eden Alternative® Registered Home and is dedicated to ensuring quality of life for elders and staff through an environment rich with plants, animals, children and activities with community members of all ages. The home is committed to providing compassionate care to residents, staff, family and community by nurturing the body, mind and spirit and preserving dignity and individuality. Our staff are passionate about meeting the diverse needs of our elders, from those who are fully independent to those with in-depth physical and memory care needs. For a detailed listing of services and levels of care offered by the Alaska Pioneer Homes, please see our About Us webpage.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at the Juneau Pioneer Home please contact the home’s activities department at 907-780-6422.