Ketchikan Archives and Photos

June 2012: First Annual Dog Show

The Ketchikan Pioneer Home held its First Annual Dog Show on Saturday, June 23rd. A panel of judges, three residents and one volunteer, reviewed 22 doggie participants. The show was covered by the local paper and KRBD radio station and was a huge success!

Resident Ilona Brady with Bernard.
Resident Ilona Brady snuggles with Bernard, owned by Adrienne O'Brien. Click to enlarge photo.

View Sylvie, another gorgeous entrant. She is owned by Rosie Roppel.

May, 2011: Mickey makes a Mother's Day visit

Kathlyn Linne, a resident of the Ketchikan Pioneer Home enjoyed a Mother's Day visit from Mickey and Minnie Mouse off the ship Disney Wonder. The duo came into Ketchikan and made several public appearances, including a visit to the Ketchikan Pioneer Home.

Mickey and Kathlyn