Grants and Contracts

Grants and Contracts manages all aspects of procurement for the Department of Family and Community Services (DFCS). The staff consists of trained and certified professionals with responsibilities in the following areas: Operating Grants, Professional Services Contracts, Procurement, and Property Management.

The Department of Family and Community Services provides a broad array of services to the people of Alaska through operating grants to non-profit service agencies, municipalities and native entities.


Following is a link to the current fiscal year operating grant awards.
PDFDFCS FY24 Operating Grants Book

Competitive solicitations for grants will be posted on the State of Alaska Online Public Notice System.

DFCS grants are administered electronically via GEMS. GEMS has re-engineered the way DFCS manages all of its outbound operating and capital grants. GEMS was designed to improve the DFCS grant process, to simplify and unify procedures across Divisions, reduce administrative burdens for the State and grantees, and enhance communication to improve user satisfaction. It includes features such as payment tracking and accounting, online grant application submissions, grantee performance tracking, management reporting, and forward capability to be integrated with other State systems as they come on line.

DFCS manages grants in accordance with: 7 AAC 78, Grant Regulations and 7 AAC 81 grant services for individuals. You can view these sections of the Alaska Administrative Code and all State of Alaska regulations at the Department of Law, Document Library & Legal Resources, or online at the Alaska Administrative Code.

Grant Resources

Access the following resources at: GEMS Documents

  • Grant Regulations (AAC Title 7 Part 6 Chapter 78)
  • Budget Preparation Guidelines for Grantees
  • Privacy and Security Procedures


The Contracts unit is responsible for the procurement and administration of all professional services contracts acquired on behalf of the Department of Family and Community Services. Authority to procure these services has no dollar limitation. Contracts are procured through various methods, including formal and informal solicitations, Alternate Procurements, negotiated bids and waivers. Formal Solicitations are posted on the State's Online Public Notice System. Professional Services procured in DHSS range in diversity from highly technical contracts for information management systems, to home studies for adoption of children in state custody, to architectural and engineering services.

Formal Competitive solicitations for professional services will be posted on the State of Alaska Online Public Notice System.

DFCS manages contracts in accordance with: 2 AAC 12, Procurement Regulations, AAM 81 and 82, Procurement Administrative Manual and AS 36.30 State Procurement Code. You can view these regulations here.


The Procurement Unit for the Department of Family and Community Services manages a broad range of complex commodity procurement; professional services, and logistical operations required for a large department. This unit is staffed by certified Procurement Specialists located in Anchorage and Juneau.

This unit issues formal bids and awards contracts for the commodities and non-professional services that are managed under an invitation to bid process which requires adherence to strict State guidelines. This unit also procures commodities and non-professional services contracts for the Department. Authority delegated specifically for these types of purchases from the Department of Administration to this department has no dollar limitation.

The Procurement Unit manages the procurement of all construction projects in leased space, per Department of Transportation & Public Facilities delegated authority. This procurement supports all DFCS leased offices statewide.


The Leasing Unit manages approximately seventy-five office space leases that DFCS occupies within the State. This unit works directly with DOA/Division of General Services (DGS) and the various divisions and commissions within the Department to develop and finalize office lease specifications.

The Leasing Unit provides advice and training to divisional contacts throughout the Department regarding leasing statutes, regulations and policies.

The Leasing Unit maintains the DFCS Policy and Procedures Manual for the procurement of leased office space.

Contact Information

Patricia Hull, Procurement & Grants Manager
Department of Family and Community Services
Phone: 907-465-3610

Dani Olsen, Procurement Specialist 3
Department of Family and Community Services
Phone: 907-465-8216