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Juneau Helpdesk

Telephone: 907-465-8200
Toll free: 888-484-5763
Fax: 907-465-8150

Anchorage Helpdesk

Telephone: 907-269-3444
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Information Technology Services (ITS)

Mission: The mission of ITS is to provide reliable and stable technology platforms in support of the Department's service delivery programs in as cost-effective and efficient a manner as possible.

Structure: Information Technology Services (ITS) is a department-wide service organization that provides computing and communication resources in support of the mission of the Department of Family and Community Services.

ITS maintains complex information systems to support the department's administrative and programmatic activities and offers a variety of technology support services to assist department staff and stakeholders in using resources and services that ITS is responsible for providing.

ITS provides a broad computing, communication and network infrastructure, supports enterprise-level software, and offers a range of technology support services for department offices throughout Alaska.

Information Technology Services Manager: Keith Lewis

ITS Units

Security Office: DFCS has designated the Department Security Office (DSO) as the single point of authority responsible for establishing the Information Security Management System including information security strategy, policies, controls, and implementing standards and procedures in support of those policies. The DSO coordinates risk assessment, training, and awareness activities, as well as auditing and monitoring information security and legal compliance

Chief Security Officer: Mary Sternfeld-Hynes

Business Applications: This group is responsible for maintaining the current DFCS applications portfolio. Business Applications works closely with all DFCS divisions and program offices to ensure that system changes meet customer business needs. BA receives requests from customers that may result in changes and additions to existing systems or initiation of a new development or acquisition. Support is also provided for end-user application development and related requirements.

Business Applications Manager: Ryan Migdal

Customer Services: The Customer Service group is the primary interface to DFCS employees, partners, and other customers. The group includes the Help Desk and the Desktop Support Technicians who receive and resolve customer issues. It also serves an information triage function: customer inquiries not resolved by the Help Desk are routed to appropriate resources and then tracked to ensure complete resolution.

Customer Services Manager: Drew Spath

Network Services: Network Services is responsible for managing the hardware and software that make up the major computing devices and network infrastructure for the Department, including IT inventory and tracking. The NS group is also responsible for ensuring that DFCS employees and partners have the connectivity between computing devices needed to complete daily work.

Network Services Manager: Kenneth Taylor

Strategic Planning: The ITS Strategic Planning Office collaborates and coordinates with the various ITS units and Department Divisions to oversee the Department IT Portfolio and IT planning and prioritization. This office includes the IT Project Management Office (PMO) to provide mentoring to Department IT Project Managers and to ensure optimal and relevant project management best practices and that project progress reporting is being adhered to. The Strategic Planning office also includes the coordination, collaboration, planning, and monitoring of IT initiatives; and the administration of IT Quality Assurance.

IT Strategic planning ensures that:

  • Progress can be measured
  • Informed change can be made when needed
  • Realistic and achievable IT goals and objectives to DFCS staff and stakeholders are established
  • The most effective use is made of Department IT resources by focusing on the key priorities for the Department's mission
  • The IT infrastructure is planned and monitored appropriately to support that mission

Strategic Planning Manager: Aimee Sandoval