Program Funding

Independent Living Referral Process

To be eligible for IL and ETV the youth must be in custody (OCS or Tribal) and in foster care (OCS or Tribal) on or after their 16th birthday.

Youth who, after attaining 16 years of age, were adopted from or enter guardianship from foster care may be considered to be eligible for the IL and ETV Program. This is a federal requirement for the ETV program.

  • Tribal/ICWA workers will complete necessary documentation to determine that the youth in tribal custody is qualified for Chafee funds and send or fax the documentation to Naomi Davidson
  • Naomi Davidson will fax the request form and the information on the youth to the Regional Independent Living Specialist (RILS) so a case can be opened in ORCA.
  • The RILS will contact the tribal case worker to determine what would be the best way for the youth to receive the funds.
  • The RILS will send the request for funds to Naomi Davidson for approval.
  • The RILS will contact the tribal case worker when the funds are available.

Please share this information with the tribal organizations in your region and ask those who have youth in tribal custody to contact Naomi Davidson at 907-465-8659 or Thank you.