Tribal State Collaboration Group (TSCG)


Tribal State Collaboration Group (TSCG) is a partnership of representatives from Tribes, Alaska Native community partners and the Office of Children's Services, who meet to collaborate on issues pertaining to Alaska Native or American Indian families and youth. The focus on this group is to strengthen ICWA compliance, promote healthy racial and ethnic identity and develop strong working relationships.

As we work together, we should all keep in mind the guiding principles that we have identified and agreed to as part of our larger Tribal State Collaboration work. Those principles are:

Mutual Respect

Equality of participation

  • At least one Tribal partner must be involved in all discussions
  • Workgroup leads must share all relevant information with all members

Open and honest communication

  • Feel free to express disagreement
  • Express disagreement in a respectful manner

Consistent participation – a commitment to continue through the process

Willingness to think in new ways

Recognition and acknowledgements of commonalities

Consensus in decisions

  • Shared decision-making


Accommodation of individual differences

  • Remember we work across cultures
  • Be sensitive to different thinking processes
  • Be aware of differences in what constitutes politeness and social norms
  • Remember – not everyone understands the acronyms – don’t assume


Each workgroup should commit to these principles in the spirit of partnership, as we build this system together.

"Authentic partnerships unite organizations that have a common identity in worldview and values, a common sense of mission, a strong desire to work together in a mutually supportive and respectful relationship, a focus on achievements, and a willingness to change and grow as circumstances around them change". - Roland Hoksbergen (2002)