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COVID-19: Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, State of Alaska

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Background Check Amended Application Process

The background check application process has been temporarily amended in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Please check back frequently for new information and important updates.

Please call 907-334-4475.

Published 4/22/2020

Alaska Background Check Program (BCP)

Background Check Paper Applications No Longer Accepted After 12/15/2021

New icon December 13, 2021


JUNE UPDATE: The Department of Health and Social Services’ website was recently restored; however NABCS remains temporarily offline. Please continue to use the Background Check Interim Process, described below, until further notice.

Please read ALL of the following information, including the INTERIM BACKGROUND CHECK APPLICATION PROCESS (PDF) attachment, BEFORE calling the Background Check Program. If you have questions after reading the information we have provided, staff will be happy to answer your questions. We ask for your patience, as the Background Check Program is currently experiencing a high volume of calls. Staff are making every effort to ensure continuity of services and to provide alternate means of conducting business while critical platforms are unavailable.

Following the recent cyberattack on the DHSS website, NABCS was taken offline to prevent further disruption. The Background Check Program will temporarily rely solely upon a manual process and review of APSIN, CourtView, Prober, OIG, JOMIS, Alaska Professional Licenses, and the National Sex Offender Registry to determine whether a provisional background clearance can be issued. 

Until further notification:

  • all new applications must be submitted using an interim BCP hard copy application (PDF).
  • if you submitted an application on or prior to May 17th, and
    • have NOT received an email confirmation of a provisional clearance, you must submit a new hard copy application (PDF) and proof of payment.
    • HAVE received email confirmation of a provisional clearance, no additional action is necessary.

Read the Interim Background Check Application Process (PDF) for instructions on completing the new interim hard copy application.

Third-Party Vendor Background Checks
On May 11, 2021, the department allowed providers to use third party background checks while CourtView was down due to the court system cyberattack. If you have been using a third-party vendor, you may continue to use that process for provisional approval through May 23rd. Effective May 24th, the Background Check Program will resume CourtView review of all applications.

This process is subject to change. Any changes will be noticed here and on Alaska Medicaid Health Enterprise, and Alaska DHSS social media (Facebook, and Twitter).

The Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) Background Check Program (BCP) provides centralized background check support for programs that provide for the health, safety, and welfare of persons who are served by the programs administered by the Department. The BCP program processes fingerprint-based criminal history checks for individuals associated with licensed and/or certified entities under the authority of DHSS or are otherwise eligible to receive payments, in whole or in part, from the Department.

This background check program should not be used for general background check purposes. If you are attempting to obtain a background check for teacher certification, nurse licensure, a concealed weapon permit, an interested person report, or for any other purpose outside of working or volunteering in an entity licensed and/or certified by the Department of Health and Social Services, you should not use this site. Please contact the agencies who issue such permits, certifications, and licenses to determine the correct procedure for obtaining your background check.

Background Check System (NABCS) Access

Individual Applicants: If you wish to apply for a fingerprint based criminal history check in preparation for employment or association with a licensed and/or certified entity under the authority of DHSS, please visit

Providers: If you are a provider and need to enter or monitor background check applications for your employees, please visit

State Division employees: If you are a State of Alaska employee who has been granted access to NABCS please use https://nabcs.dhss.ak.local.

Remember: Incomplete applications will not be processed. Applications remaining incomplete after 30 days will be closed without further notice. A complete application includes a completed application form, payment of applicable fees, and fingerprint card, if applicable. If your application is closed due to being incomplete, you will need to submit a complete new application including applicable fees and fingerprint card. Please remember any fees paid to the Background Check Program are non-refundable.

Please note: If you are having difficulties with NABCS, please contact the Background Check Program at (907) 334-4475 or

If you have programmatic questions, such as, who is required to have a background check, or who needs a new provider account, contact your oversight division point of contact. The Division Contact List is located both on this website (listed below) and on the NABCS Home screen. To access this list on NABCS, select the Help link located at the upper right hand corner of your home screen and select the Division Oversight Agency Contact link.

BCP No Refund Policy

All Background Check Program fees are non-refundable.

System Guides

The Background Check Program has developed the following guides and forms for the New Alaska Background Check System (NABCS):

Individual Applicants:


Division Oversights:

All Users:

Mailing Address:

You may mail fingerprint cards and/or payment to the Background check Program at the following mailing address:

Background Check Program
4601 Business Park Blvd., Bldg. K
Anchorage, AK 99503

Background Check Statutes:

The current statute governing the background checks system used by the Department of Health and Social Services is  AS 47.05.300–47.05.390.

Background Check Regulations:

The current background check regulations, including but not limited to identification of barrier crimes and conditions, variance request processes, and monitoring and notification requirements. 

 7 AAC 10.900-7 AAC 10.990

If you are having any difficulties with NABCS, please contact the BCP at (907) 334-4475 or If you have programmatic questions, such as who is required to have a background check, or need a new provider account, contact your oversight division. Contact information is available on the Division Oversight Agency Contact List.