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Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee


A team of Alaskan doctors and pharmacists appointed to a committee by the Commissioner of the Department of Health and Social Services. These experts are reviewing drug classes for the Department's Medicaid program. They are identifying which drugs are safe and effective, and which drugs cost less than other drugs in the same class. Medicaid enrolled physicians are being asked to prescribe drugs that have been given “preferred status” by this committee.


  • Robert H. Carlson, MD — Sitka
  • Jonathan Harrison, PharmD — Anchorage
  • Vincent Greear, R.Ph. — Homer
  • Diane Liljegren, MD — Ketchikan
  • Claudia Phillips, MD — Anchorage
  • John Riley, PA-C — Anchorage
  • Trish D. White, R.Ph. — Sitka
  • Charles Ryan, MD — Anchorage
  • Sarah Doran-Atchison, PharmD — Anchorage