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Shawnda O'Brien, Director of Public Assistance
Shawnda O'Brien




Medicaid provides health coverage and long-term care services for low-income Alaskans. The Division of Public Assistance determines eligibility for this program. Read more…

Note: DenaliCare and Denali KidCare are the same as Medicaid in the State of Alaska. Denali KidCare is for youth under the age of 19.


Types of Medicaid

MAGI (Modified Adjusted Gross Income) Medicaid for:
  • Parent/caretakers
  • Expansion Adults
  • Children under age 19 with or without insurance
  • Adults age 19-21
  • Pregnant Women
Older age and Disability related Medicaid for:
  • Seniors age 65 and older
  • People with blindness or other disabilities
  • Long Term Care
  • Home and Community Based Waiver recipients
  • Working disabled
  • TEFRA for children with disabilities at home
  • Medicare premium assistance 


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