Health Promotion
Rape Prevention and Education

Every Alaskan free from sexual violence

The Alaska Health Promotion Program supports sexual violence prevention by:

  • Administering Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); and by
  • Participating on a statewide sexual violence prevention planning committee to implement "Alaska’s Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence Strategic Plan" (April 2009)

The Rape Prevention and Education Program (RPE)

The RPE Program was established by the federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) of 1994. Alaska is one of 59 state and territories receiving RPE funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Primary prevention is the cornerstone of the RPE program. Program activities are guided by a set of prevention principles that include:

  • preventing first-time perpetration and victimization;
  • reducing modifiable risk factors while enhancing protective factors associated with sexual violence perpetration and victimization;
  • using the best available evidence when planning, implementing, and evaluating prevention programs;
  • incorporating behavior and social change theories into prevention programs;
  • using population-based surveillance to inform program decisions and monitor trends; and evaluating prevention efforts and using the results to improve future program plans.

Alaska Rape Prevention and Education planning efforts were initiated in July 2006, when a team of six people from Alaska attended a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-sponsored regional conference to launch state planning efforts. The team returned to Alaska, having identified that one of the first things that needed to take place was the consolidation of existing data and development and implementation of inventory and assessment tools to determine Alaska’s capacity related to the primary prevention of sexual violence

Once the data was obtained and compiled, a two-day planning session was conducted in Anchorage on February 4-5, 2009. Attendees were invited from victim services, faith-based communities, Alaska Native organizations, public health, law enforcement, behavioral health, youth serving entities, state sexual assault coalition, and others. A total of nineteen people attended the facilitated event, which consisted of a series of presentations on demographic and reported sexual assault, Alaska's primary prevention capacity, and the ways in which the core functions of public health relate to the primary prevention of sexual violence. The group assessed strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Using a logic model process, the group identified key goals, followed by outcomes and strategies.

The vision for Alaska’s efforts, Every Alaskan free from sexual violence, will be accomplished by focusing on three overarching goals:

  1. Change Alaska’s social norms to no longer accept that sexual violence is inevitable and expected
  2. Develop and sustain an effective prevention system throughout Alaska
  3. Reduce the level of sexual violence among Alaska’s youth

This will be accomplished by focusing on advocacy, capacity development, public awareness, programming that targets communities, parents and services providers, as well as youth, and by developing a strong evaluation and research component to assess the efficacy of Alaska’s efforts. Efforts will use existing evidence to determine most realistic programming, as well as focus on developing Alaska specific evidence.

It is recognized that this ambitious plan will not be feasible using Rape Prevention and Education funding alone. It will be imperative that collaborative efforts be developed between public health, the domestic violence and sexual assault communities, youth serving organizations, native and tribal entities, the University of Alaska, DELTA, behavioral health and communities.

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For more information, please contact:

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Health Promotion
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