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Get the facts about marijuanaLearn More About Marijuana. The Alaska Legislature and other state agencies are still finalizing laws and regulations. Learn how they might affect you.
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Get the Facts - Alaska DHSS Marijuana PSA - 2016

Public Education Materials

The documents, videos and audio files below are available to download, print or order for more information on marijuana use.

Responsible Consumer
Fact Sheets

Parents' Guide for Talking with Youth About Marijuana


Alaska Department of Public Safety/Alaska State Troopers PSAs

  • DUI Marijuana June 2015 PSA


Additional Alaska Resources about Marijuana Licenses, Restrictions on Use, and Community Ordinances
National Resources
Public Health Resources

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Media Inquires
For media inquiries, please contact the Department of Health and Social Services Public Information Team.

Inquiries about the Medical Marijuana Registry
For medical marijuana registry inquiries, please contact



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