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Tazlina Mannix, MPH
YRBS Data Manager


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2017 Alaska Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results

The Youth Risk Behavior Survey is part of a national surveillance system developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to assist with assessing and addressing the health risks of youth. It is conducted in Alaska every other year by the Department of Education & Early Development and the Department of Health and Social Services in cooperation with public high schools.

In spring 2017, the department surveyed 1,332 students from 40 high schools that were scientifically selected to represent all public high schools (excluding boarding schools, alternative schools, correspondence and home study schools, and correctional schools) in Alaska. These results are representative of Alaska’s high school students grades 9-12 in traditional public high schools.

The 2017 Alaska Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results are summarized in the presentations available below.


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Tazlina Mannix, MPH
YRBS Data Manager
(907) 269-8107

Gina Agron, MSPH, MBA
YRBS Coordinator

2017 Alaska YRBS Results and Presentations

2017 Alaska YRBS Questionnaire