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Alaska MCH Data Book 2003:

Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology is pleased to announce the first edition of the Alaska Maternal and Child Health Data Book. The first edition brings together comprehensive information on the health status of Alaskan mothers, infants, children and families — synthesized from statewide surveillance systems, surveys, vital records, and program services — providing policy makers, public health professionals and health care providers with critical data on leading maternal and child health status indicators. Use this book as a reference for statistical and epidemiological information on population characteristics, reproductive health, prenatal health, birth outcomes, infant health, child health, adolescent and teen health, maternal health, and women's and family health.

Download by chapter:

  • Introduction: Cover, Suggested Citation, Title Page, Table of Contents (PDF 78K)
  • Chapter 1: Population Characteristics (PDF 161K)
  • Chapter 2: Reproductive Health (PDF 78K)
  • Chapter 3: Prenatal Health (PDF 162K)
  • Chapter 4: Birth Outcomes (PDF 104K)
  • Chapter 5: Infant Health (PDF 101K)
  • Chapter 6: Child Health (PDF 144K)
  • Chapter 7: Adolescent and Teen Health (PDF 119K)
  • Chapter 8: Maternal Health (PDF 100K)
  • Chapter 9: Women's and Family Health (PDF 83K)
  • Appendices: Methodology, Trend Data, Data Tables, Acronyms, Glossary and Indicator Definitions (PDF 402K)