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Alaska MCH Data Book 2011:
Alaska Native Edition

We are excited to bring you the Alaska Maternal and Child Health Data Book 2011: Alaska Native Edition. This fifth edition of the Alaska Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Data Book is a collaborative effort of the Alaska Division of Public Health, Section of Women's, Children's, and Family Health and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium's Alaska Native Epidemiology Center. Two state-run surveys are the sources of data. One is familiar — the Alaska Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS). The other is a newer data source that we are excited to highlight for the first time in this format. It is the three-year follow-up to PRAMS called the Childhood Understanding Behaviors Survey (CUBS).

This book is unique in that it reports all analyses by Alaska Native status and, in some cases, by tribal health region. By focusing on Alaska Native status, these data will be particularly helpful to health care staff and administrators in areas of rural Alaska that serve predominantly Alaska Native people. Our design format, featuring graphs and tables opposite bulleted narratives, provides policy makers, public health professionals, and health care providers with a user-friendly reference for statistical and epidemiological information on mothers, infants, and young children in Alaska.

What's inside

  • Introduction
    How to Use This Book
    Table of Contents
    Overview of PRAMS & CUBS
  • Chapter 1: Population Characteristics
  • Chapter 2: Reproductive Health
  • Chapter 3: Prenatal Health
  • Chapter 4: Prenatal Substance Use
  • Chapter 5: Maternal Health
  • Chapter 6: Infant Health
  • Chapter 7: Child Health
  • Chapter 8: Childhood Home Environment
  • Appendix: Glossary, Indicator Definitions, Technical Notes

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