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MIO news archives

11/23/16 Listen to a radio interview with Jeanné Larson and William Dill about Medicare on station 650KENI/iHeart. Click HERE.

12/1/15 Jeanné Larson, Medicare Information Office, shares information regarding enrollment in an interview with Anchorage Community Magazine radio program. Listen here.

11/20/15 As the Part D deadline nears, Judith Bendersky answers Medicare enrollment questions on KTVA Channel 11. Watch the interview here.

11/4/15 KCAW Raven Radio Program: Judith Bendersky, Medicare Information Office, discusses Medicare enrollment and navigating through the world of federal healthcare. Listen to the program.

3/9/15 KSKA Radio Program: Judith Bendersky, Medicare Information Office, spoke on LINE ONE: Your Health Connection, with KSKA radio regarding Medicare for Alaskans. Listen to the program.

5/8/2014   Medicare team receives award at the 2014 Governor's Denali Peak Performance Awards Ceremony. More...

11/2014   New Medicare scam in wake of health care confusion. Jeanné Larson with the Anchorage Medicare Information Office speaks with KYUR reporter, Whitney LB Miller, asking the public to be wary of a new scam. View the video.


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